It’s Been A While

It’s been a while and so much has happened. I think I will just start there. Especially since this is my first time posting without help and not even knowing what will come of this but I guess we will see. My forte’ is helping people get past their fears, do scarey things and conquer […]

How To Navigate Change In Crisis

We are in a whole new place. This place is new and different for everyone. This place requires change from all of us. Unless and until we learn how to navigate change, shift our mindsets to embrace our challenges we won’t be able to overcome them. This time is hard for all of us. No […]

BE YOUR OWN EXECUTIVE Because An Executive Decision must be made!

A word of wisdom from the Queen. Learn to control your life instead of having your life control you. This was a rather unrehearsed spoken word. Thoughts were there, words came and I decided to record on the spot. Very interesting words to consider and I know all too well the times where I have […]

I Didn’t Know Horses Climb Rocks!😳

This is my first time riding with this group. Each time I learn something new. This ride was yet another attempt to challenge myself and boy did I ever!!! I tried to get some of it on the rocks but I really had to hold on.