Be Bold, Jump! Just Do it!

In a world of perfection and while everything must be just right or pristine. We must be careful that we don’t confuse excellence with perfection. Especially when most people are competing to be better than others or to make sure that their whatever is best. Be very ardent that you are not missing life or […]


Welcome to our blog post. We are really excited about how far we’ve come since September 2017. When we first purchased the property there was nothing here except a house, a broken down barn and a small tack room. “But what we did have was the most important factor anyone can have for any endeavor….VISION! […]


#Dream Okay, so the ranch is not perfect but it’s here. We did it afraid! This is the beginning of a dream come true for us. We have always wanted to help people while also doing what we love. The Ranch Ubiquitous and all that it offers is our attempt to make a marriage between […]


Join us today as go see our new horse Valentino. After taking a morning walk, having our routine breakfast and a lot of laughs, wisdom and words of encouragement and incite along the way. Join us!

DUST ON BOOTS! Hubby and I having fun on our TWH horses.

Every couple needs a mutual hobby.  Well, for Lawrence and I, owning horses was a childhood dream that we simply both refused to let go of.  It happened in 2017.  We are both over 50 but the timing couldn’t have been better.  Up until then we were grouping trying to find things to do on […]